Sync events to ActiveCampaign

It was already possible to create or update users and accounts alongside their properties. But we were missing a crucial part when it comes to emailing and lead generation: create events.

Creating events is now available for ActiveCampaigns Contacts.

First of all, make sure to turn on the possibility on creating events directly in your ActiveCampaign account. To make this available, go to the "Settings" of ActiveCampaign and under "Tracking", make sure to turn on the event tracking toggle. If you need more information about it, feel free to dive into the Lago documentation.

Creating a event from Lago to ActiveCampaign

1- The events can only be created on Contacts
2- The email is the only matching key available for this action
3- If the email (and the contact) already exists in ActiveCampaign, she will be updated by receiving events in her timeline
4- If the email (and the contact) is new to ActiveCampaign, she will be created alongside the events

Expected behavior for events

For each Audience connected to this sync action, when a new record (ie: new row) is detected, an event is sent to ActiveCampaign. Currently, Lago supports only "row added to an Audience" (there is no event triggered when a row is updated or deleted).