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Lago is backed by Y Combinator

The Open Source
Stripe Billing Alternative

For usage-based, subscription-based, and all the nuances of pricing in between. With our API, make your billing fit your pricing and business workflows, not the other way around.

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Built for teams
who need more control

Billing composability

Use our event-based infrastructure, or fork it to fit your specific pricing model without begging us for a product update.

Cost controlled billing
Cost control

Our open-core version is forever free. We will introduce paying add-ons in the future, with a consumption-based approach.

Privacy biling

Your customer and financial data never has to leave your infrastructure. Stay in total control.

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Billing for cloud companies
Cloud-infra companies

For complex pricing based on metered consumption: similar to AWS or Snowflake’s billing.

Billing for product-led SaaS
Product-led SaaS

For API products, pay-as-you-go plans, and most importantly hybrid pricing: typically fixed subscription plans with on-demand usage.

Billing for fintechs

Handle dozens of banking fees in a flexible way, and debit your clients’ wallets directly.

Have some questions?

Why are we open source?

To address 2 needs:

1/ The increasing diversity and complexity of pricing models.
Combinations of pricing dimensions (recurring fees, one-off, payment fees, etc.) are infinite, and teams usually want to iterate on these models over time. That’s why engineers end up investing a huge amount of time to maintain their own billing system, even when they already use an existing closed-source billing service like Stripe Billing or Chargebee.

2/ A way out of the 'rent seeker' pricing model (a cut on transaction volume)
We aim at striking a fairer pricing model for our own service, not relying on taking a cut on each transaction that goes through Lago. To start with, our open-source library is forever free. 
Also, regarding security: your most sensitive data never has to leave your very own infrastructure. 

Do you handle payments and invoicing as well?

We don’t process payments, but integrate with your favorite payment processors (e.g., Stripe Payments, PayPal, Paddle).
You can create invoices with Lago, or integrate with your favorite tool for invoicing, if you already have one you like.

How do you generate revenue?

Our priority is to generate value to our users and our community. We have a few hypotheses about monetization, but our first principle is to strike a fair balance and not reproduce a ‘rent seeker’ model.

Who are you?

We’re a nimble team who previously built and maintain a usage-based billing system from scratch in a fintech unicorn.
We seriously underestimated the dozens of edge cases, engineering challenges, and the huge impact on business teams: revenue growth, marketing, customer success, and finance. 
We're now on a mission to build the tool we wished we had, at the time.
On top of that, we’re backed by Y Combinator, and top open-source and fintech leaders.

How safe is it to use Lago?

With Lago, your data never has to leave your infrastructure.
Even if Lago had to shut down - which is definitely not our plan -, your billing system would remain unchanged, as you would self-host an open-source library. 
Also, feel free to customize our API as much as needed, by forking our code. Make your billing fit your exact needs, instead of hacking around incumbent SaaS or worse: building your home-made system.