Define the billing cycle

Choose whether the subscription should be renewed at the beginning of the calendar period or on its anniversary date.


Enjoy full control

Whether you want to set up a weekly plan or a yearly plan with monthly charges, there is always an option to meet your needs.


Configure fees and charges

Your plans may include subscription fees and usage-based charges that can be configured using our flexible pricing models.


Easily manage subscriptions

If your customers need to create several projects or workspaces on your platform, you can assign them multiple plans.


Switch plans in one click

You can relax, Lago automatically manages upgrades and downgrades, and calculates prorated charges when needed.

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Lago Premium

The optimal solution for teams with control and flexibility.


Lago Open Source

The optimal solution for small projects.