Issue credit notes

Efficiently resolve invoice-related matters with credit notes, enabling hassle-free refunds for previously issued invoices. Simplify your financial processes by issuing credit notes to promptly address refund requests, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining smooth business operations.

Credit on customer's wallet

Credit refunds directly to customers' wallet. In addition to traditional refunds, empower your customers with the option to receive credited amounts in their wallet, providing a seamless and accessible solution for future invoices.

Refund on customer's preferred payment method

Prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the choice to refund amounts through their preferred payment method. Whether it's returning funds to their original payment source or accommodating alternative options, empower your customers with the flexibility to select their preferred refund method.

Top-tier companies support Lago

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Lago Premium

The optimal solution for teams with control and flexibility.


Lago Open Source

The optimal solution for small projects.