New updates and improvements to Lago.

Charges paid in advance

If you want to collect payments for usage-based charges on the fly, without waiting for the end-of-period invoice, you can turn on the new <text-code>pay_in_advance<text-code> feature.

When a charge is marked as paid in advance, Lago will automatically calculate the fee associated with each event as soon as it is ingested. This information will then be sent to you in a <text-code>fee.created<text-code> webhook message.

You can also get an estimate for a charge to be paid in advance before the actual event is confirmed through the <text-code>/api/v1/events/estimate_fees<text-code> endpoint.

In addition to this, users with a premium license can define whether or not <text-code>pay_in_advance<text-code> charges are invoiceable.