New updates and improvements to Lago.

Events list

You are now able to view all the ingested events sent from your application to Lago. We called this feature <text-code>Events list<text-code> because it makes the event ingestion easier and more understandable.

  1. Access the <text-code>Developer<text-code> sidebar item;
  2. Click the <text-code>Events<text-code> tab; and
  3. Take a look at the latest events ingested

<alert-info>ℹ️ If an event you sent is not shown in the UI, it means that it has not been ingested by Lago<alert-info>

This events list is also helpul to warn you for 2 specific cases:

  1. Warning 1 - The event code is not related to an existing billable metric
  2. Warning 2 - The property sent does not match the aggregation property defined in your billable metric